6 Tips to choose knitwear to satisfy your personal style!

I’m so excited to be able to share with you some tips for helping you buy beautiful knitwear that satisfies yours or your giftees personal style

Think small, buy small


Now I’m not talking about size, I mean small brand, artisans and independent designers. 

Buying small really makes the local economy thrive, by rewarding them with your business, you are allowing the creative artisan to grow and prosper. 

Your purchase will truly make a difference to the seller and it also means you will have something that is unique, special and your purchase you have made a difference. 

That sounds like a win/win to me?

What do you think, do you actively buy from small businesses?

Do I like the style?

It may seem fundamental, but if you like the look and it suits you, you are most likely going to get many wears from it.

If you are unsure and have to second guess yourself and you can live without, put it back down, the worst thing is to buy something that you will only wear once. Its best to have less pieces that you will treasure.

What’s your favourite piece of knitwear and why?

Is it a trend item?

The saying is trends come and go, the worst thing to get is a high trend item, this is likely to lead to wearing the item only once or twice in the season, then it’s back in that drawer until a huge clear out.

It’s better to buy non-trend pieces that aren’t defined by trends – unless you absolutely love it and know you will love it in 5 years time

Where was it made?

Where was it made?
The further the item was made the more impact it has on the planet, items made locally are going to have a lower environmental impact and they don’t need to cost the earth.What do you buy that’s locally made?

How long will it last?

Will this last me 10 years?

If you buy cheap knitwear, more than likely it will fall apart in some form, this works out as a false economy.

Buy good quality and look after it properly and it will last you years.

Have fun with colour

Have fun with colour.

Now you have saved the planet by buying small and local, it’s time to have some fun, knitwear comes in all shapes and sizes, this is where you can make a statement over some simple dark jeans, be bold in your choice and be a stylish knit tribe.

What’s your favourite colour?

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