Crochet tutorials – A series for complete beginners

How to complete a single crochet stitch– a beginners guide

Two balls of yarn a crochet hook and Scissors
Cotton Yarn

I’m so happy we have managed to get so far together!

If you haven’t seen any of the other tutorials in this series have a look at the list and if you think they are useful for you please take a look.

Now we are going to make an actual stitch, I hope the excitement isn’t getting too much for you!

By the end of this tutorial you will know how to make a single crochet and I will give you suggestions of some projects you can make with your new found skill so you can make something that can be used.

How amazing is that?

How to complete a single crochet stitch

In this video, I am using a knit pro hook and style craft yarn the link below links directly to Amazon so you can get more information about them. If you choose to purchase via this link I may receive a small commission from Amazon, the cost to you is not affected. I do not recommend products for commission I only recommend products I use.

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