Beaded Book Thong Tutorial

Complete this beautiful beaded Book thong using the DIY packs sold by Hooking Love.

Each pack contains enough to make 2 beautiful book thongs perfect as a special gift for a loved one.

Below is a step by step picture tutorial if you prefer a video tutorial please click on the video

A fabulous bookmark using up-cycled beads and a charm (if purchased)

If you haven’t purchased a pack from me then you will need the following

  • Beads
  • Linen thread/cord
  • Charm


You will also require Sharp scissors and if available clear glue.


Your pack will have

2 Waxed Linen Cords

Sufficient Beads to make 2 book thongs

You will also require a pair of sharp scissors

If available some clear glue

Using a book as a guide make a knot leaving enough length to allow you to place the beads on to it and still be able to complete a knot to secure the beads on.

You want the length of cord to be long enough to fit inside the book and leave enough hanging outside so you thong hangs nicely.

Thread your beads on to the cord in whichever way you like.

Holding the beads together in one hand make a knot, keeping the cord tight and pushing the knot as close to the beads as possible.

When choosing the beads to thread if you choose the bead with smaller holes to sit next to the knot this will mean you will only need to make one knot.

If you choose a bead that has a larger hole make another knot on top of the original until it is thick enough to stop the bead from coming off.

Repeat the process at the other end of the cord ensuring you leave yourself enough room to fasten the beads and the charm.

After completing the knot to keep the beads on the cord thread your charm onto the cord.

Leave just a small gap between the first knot and the knot that will fasten the charm on, this will allow your charm to dangle.

Tie that knot

Now make a second knot on top of the first to secure.

If you have glue dab a small amount around the final knot on each end and leave to dry.

Once dry cut the ends to finish off your Book thong and then you can enjoy using it or gift it to a loved one!

I hope you enjoy making this project and love using your book thong.

When you have completed it tag us at #hookingloveimadeit we would love to see your end results.

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Waxed Linen Thread

T-8000 Glue

Silver Charms



Disclaimer – This activity is not suitable for under 3’s and children will require supervision.

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