Piled Up Pumpkins Crochet Pattern


Piled up Pumpkin Crochet Pattern


Piled Up Pumpkins Crochet Pattern

As a devoted lover of textures, I’ve poured my heart into creating a design embodying the changing seasons’ warmth and charm in the piled up pumpkins crochet pattern.

With each stitch, I’ve captured the essence of cosy evenings spent wrapped in comfort, surrounded by the captivating beauty of fall.
Immerse yourself in the joy of crocheting as you bring this enchanting trio of stacked pumpkins to life.

The textured details echo the allure of nature’s handiwork during autumn’s embrace, making each pumpkin a testament to the cosy memories and heartwarming moments this season brings.

There are so many pumpkin patterns and what makes this different to the majority you can find is that the top and bottom of the pumpkin are worked in such a way that they lay flat and don’t have the bulk that you will normally find, my vision was to make a pumpkin pattern that was easy and true to the pumpkins we know and love. The leaf is designed to have shape and movement and feedback from the testers is that was the hardest part of the pattern. There is a step-by-step video for this to help you out

Sizes approximately
Small 3”, 7.5 cm high 1.5”, 4cm wide
Medium 5”, 13 cm high x 2.5”, 6cm wide
Large 7”, 19 cm high x 3.25”, 8cm wide


Yarn: Stylecraft Special Aran or another Aran/Worsted weight yarn
Amount of Yarn: Approx.
Small 28M/ 30yds
Medium 63M/ 69yds
Large 167M/ 182yds – uses 2 strands held together
Each Leaf, Stem and Vine uses 4M/4.5yds
Toy Stuffing 90g


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