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How to make a slip knot – a beginners guide

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Whilst I’d heard of a slip knot or starting knot I had no idea how to make one until I started to crochet.

I also had no idea of the number of ways that people could make a slip knot, it felt like hundreds!

I’m sure it isn’t but there were so many different ways to get to the same destination!

This video shows you the way that I make my slip knot, it makes perfect sense to me and is super easy now I have mastered it.

I appreciate it may not make the same amount of sense to you, although I genuinely hope it does.

If it doesn’t fear not do a search and you will find a way that clicks for you. Whichever route you take as long as you can make a slip knot at the end of it you are winning.

As an aside my grandson thinks it’s really cool, and as I’m not cool that often it’s worth knowing how to make a slip knot even if you don’t crochet!

How to make a slip knot

In this video, I am using a knit pro hook and style craft yarn the link below links directly to Amazon so you can get more information about them. If you choose to purchase via this link I may receive a small commission from Amazon, the cost to you is not affected. I do not recommend products for commission I only recommend products I use.

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