How to Crochet Beginners Tutorials

How to Crochet Beginners Tutorials

A beginners Video tutorial guide

I decided to create a series of beginners video tutorials on how to crochet as I recall starting to crochet very clearly.

As I was working from home a lot! I wanted to do something to while away the lonely hours in hotel rooms across the country but to have something to show for it in the end.

Crochet and reading by the water - perfect day
Crochet by the Lake

Having always been a practical crafter and, as I was travelling a lot, including short flights to Belfast and London I wanted to be able to carry light and easy to transport equipment.

It’s so easy to pick up a project and take it with you, I’ve been found crocheting on planes and trains up and down the country!

It was easy to find crochet tutorials on the go but I didn’t know what I didn’t know which led me to become frustrated at times.

I vividly remember the frustration of starting though and if you are reading this you are likely at that starting point.

Some of the advice I wish I had known at the time therefore is

  • Take your time – this is for you
  • Yes it can be frustrating – very frustrating
  • Most crocheters have had to walk away from their work – I tend to go for a bath!
  • Building the foundation is critical – it really is time well spent
  • Take it a step at a time
  • At first, it feels almost impossible to do all the things at once
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – this is your journey, own it and enjoy it

Starting any new hobby is filled with excitement and we are so eager to get stuck in Crochet is so accessible and really can be low cost to start.

You will need

  • Yarn
  • Hook
  • Scissors
  • Large eyed needle

These can be sourced very reasonably and will let you experience the craft without a heavy outlay, for many crafters we try lots of different crafts and I’m sure you know how expensive that can be!

How to Crochet Beginners Tutorials continue below

3 balls of grey yarn in a pyramid on a white surface
3 balls of grey yarn in a pyramid on a white surface

Videos available in this series

For this beginners series, you will find the following tutorials in the How to Crochet Beginners Tutorials

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